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Toronto Comics Anthology Volume 3


Toronto, city of swords and sorcery. Toronto, the post-apocalyptic wasteland. From condo supervillains to the zombies of Yorkville, from flirty skyscrapers to vampire pigs, this book is a love letter to the city of Toronto.

Our home is overflowing with gifted creators, and we want to share the breadth of diverse viewpoints that make Toronto so captivating.

Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, true history, slice-of-life, or any shade in between, there’s something in these pages just for you!

Featuring Stories By: Simon Phommaneth, Howard Wong and Keith Grachow, Jason Loo, Andrew Gregoire, Aaron Feldman and Joshua Rosen, Allison O'Toole and Meaghan Carter, Shawn Daley, Brice Hall, Phil McClorey and Greg Menzie, BC Holmes and Alex Greychuck, Steven Andrews and Ally Rom Colthoff, Angeline Mauri, DA Bishop, Corey Reid and Cleopatria Peterson, Gwen Howarth and Sam Noir, Jeff Estrella and Thomas Turner, Joy Santiago, Ricky Lima and Kelvin Sue, Keith WTS Morris and Meagan Moynagh, Mandy James, M. Blankier and Leo Lee, Rob Shapiro and Chris Yao, Ryan Clement and Jeanna LeClair, Saffron Aurora, Sari Lynne and Shane Kirshenblatt, Shawn Morrissey and Katie Mackay, Tuhin Giri, Rebecca Slack, Stephany Lein, and Sam Noir and Matthew Tavares.

Fun Fact: Page & Panel hosted a book launch for this one, and features work by Page & Panel employee Cleopatria Peterson.

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