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Dinosaur Comics "Dromiceiomimus" Enamel Pin, by Ryan North


Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop has teamed with Ryan North to create a set of 4 DINOSAUR COMICS Pins, based on his long-running webcomic series!

The Dromiceiomimus pin features everyone's favourite Dinosaur (Dromiceiomimus), just as they appear in the comic, craning their neck to hear what interesting thing T-Rex has to say!

This pin measures 31mm wide by 25mm tall (roughly 1.25" x 1") and features all of the detailing found in the comic strip! It has one pinback as Dromiceiomimus is a little smaller than the other pins, keeping them in scale with the rest of the pins as they appear in the comic. 

Also available in a set with all four pins in the series!

Comes on a cool backing card, too!

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