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Dakwakada Warriors by Cole Pauls

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Dakwakada Warriors by Cole Pauls


Indigenous protectors use language revitalization to save the Earth from evil pioneers and cyborg sasquatches! Artist Cole Pauls wanted to reclaim the Southern Tutchone language he had learned as a youth while performing in the traditional song and dance group the Dakhka Khwaan Dancers, based in Whitehorse (YT).

So, he created a comic about two Earth Protectors saving the Earth from evil pioneers and cyborg sasquatches. But he also went to his elders and asked them to translate his comic into the two dialects of Southern Tutchone. The resulting work is an allegory of colonialization done in an accessible format, a whimsical young adult graphic novel which helps to revitalize the language. Pauls includes a "making of" postscript to give context to the project, and invites guest Indigenous Canadian artists to provide "pin-ups" of his characters.

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