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Robot SMASH! by Stephen W. Martin and Juan Carlos Solon

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Robot SMASH! by Stephen W. Martin and Juan Carlos Solon

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Here’s a book about a robot who likes to ... SMASH! He’ll smash the usual things, like flowers and soda cans, but that’s just the beginning. This smash-happy guy crushes everything from pirates, ninjas and zombies to Brussel sprouts and all-talk radio. Whatever it is, he’ll gleefully SMASH it to smithereens. One day, he finally meets something he doesn’t feel like smashing: a stylish, super-smashing girl-robot four times his size with sledgehammer hands as big as garbage trucks. Instantly, he’s smitten. But while he’s deep in daydreams about their robot romance—SMASH! The oblivious girl robot crushes him flat. It might just be the beginning of a perfect relationship.

Minimal text and retro-style 8-bit illustrations lend this story the characteristic feel of an old video game, with each smashed object yielding a bright burst of pixels. Joyful destruction takes center stage in this fun, unique play on what it means to suffer your first crush.

Note: This item is new, but the dust jacket shows some wear. Discounted due to imperfections.

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