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LIVE Workshop: Drawing the Inside Out - Comics Practice

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LIVE Workshop: Drawing the Inside Out - Comics Practice


Drawing the Inside Out is a collection of online comics courses for adults and teens who want to create comics from their life experience lead by comics artist Georgia Webber. The third course called Comics Practice focuses more on the ritual, routine and practices involved in making comics. This course takes place on Monday evenings starting June 28th - July 19th, and takes place from 7pm-8pm EST weekly.

*limit of 2 tickets per customer, online link to be provided by Email after purchase.

Course Description:

Cultivating a comics practice can be reflective, helpful, and necessary to achieve your
larger projects. Since creative output is so personal, it takes a lot of trial and error to find your rhythm. This course offers space to explore and play with things that have worked for other that we might borrow and modify for ourselves, using a question as the common ground from which to sprout our individual practices.

Comics Practice

Monday, June 28th – Where to begin? (7-8PM EST)
Materials: Whatever you like to draw with.
Making comics is a personal process, and there are as many ways to do it as there are
people. So how do you know where to start? You just try stuff and discover what you
like. We’ll try a few different methods for beginning a comics process, and discover what we like, don’t like, and want to modify to suit our needs.

Monday, July 5th – How often? (7-8PM EST)
Materials: Whatever you like to draw with.
Comics can be simple and quick, or a time-intensive labour of love. Maybe you feel like you should have a dedicated time to draw every week, or maybe you burst with
spontaneous inspiration and then do nothing for weeks on end. There’s no wrong way
to keep a comics practice, but it helps to intentionally explore our tendencies and set
ourselves up to enjoy the process as much as possible, as often as it works for us.

Monday, July 12th – To what end? (7-8PM EST)
Materials: Whatever you like to draw with.
Whatever you want your comics to be, there’s a pathway from where you are now to
that end. How you get there is another expression of your creativity! In this hour, we’ll
start mapping our terrain, keeping our sights on enjoying the journey.

Monday, July 19th – Who cares? (7-8PM EST)
Materials: Whatever you like to draw with.
When you think of making comics, does it all seem somewhat abstract? Who do you
imagine reading your work? Who do you make it for? No matter what your goals are for seeing your work enter the world, your experience will be directed by where you put your energy, where you make yourself available to be found. We’ll dive into some
options for how to share your comics, and why you might choose each one.

Note: The umbrella term “comics” is used throughout this description, and is the term for the entire medium of comics, so will be used as a singular noun. “Comic arts” is another term for the practice and product of creating comics, whatever the genre, style, or motive, and “comics artist” is my preferred term for my identity within this realm.

If you have any questions or concerns about accessibility in these classes, please
contact Georgia at

Testimonials from past participants

“We so enjoyed participating in Georgia Webber’s Drawing the Inside Out workshop.
She was a fantastic facilitator and it felt easy to connect. Particularly during these trying times, this was one of our highlights of the week. Having participated allowed for both my partner Sam and I to talk about what it stirred, how we felt, even after the class was over. This tapped into the core of some issues and shed light on our own perceptions and wellbeing. This is something I would highly recommend and we do believe this is an essential tool to help maintain good mental health.”

“Georgia Webber’s Drawing from the Inside Out workshop was a wonderful opportunity for me to be introduced to comics as a way of understanding and expressing my own feelings.”

“Georgia brought a warm attitude, respect for each participant’s comfort level, mastery of her discipline and a great taste in music to bring out our creative energies!

“Georgia brought a warm attitude, respect for each participant’s comfort level, mastery
of her discipline and a great taste in music to bring out our creative energies!
Georgia was genuinely interested in getting to know us as participants, gave us exciting drawing prompts, encouragement and kind and helpful feedback. This program was artistically and socially beneficial to me. I am continuing to draw comics as an outlet to process my experiences and believe I’ll continue to do so for a long time. I enjoy reflecting on what I learned from Georgia and my fellow participants, and the laughter and empathy that we shared.”

Georgia Webber is a comics artist, writer, and editor. She adores teaching and leads by exemplifying curiosity in the classroom. Her philosophy is that teaching is a relationship first, allowing the learning process to be fun and organic and suited to each learner’s specific access needs. Georgia is best known for her graphic memoir, Dumb: Living without a Voice (Fantagraphics 2018), the chronicle of her severe vocal injury and sustained vocal condition, which makes using her voice painful (though she manages it well these days). This experience led her to explore more deeply the intersections of creativity and health, through working as a Cranial Sacral Therapist, a meditation facilitator, and as an improvising musician, blending elements of healthcare, body awareness, and creative expression within constraints. Her exploration of health and creativity continue in a weekly online practice session called Drawing Health, which is free and open to all. Georgia’s comics have been published in major magazines and studied extensively by the Graphic Medicine community. Her most recent publication was a collaboration with dancer, athlete, and artist Vivian Chong to create Vivian's graphic memoir about losing her sight: Dancing After TEN (Fantagraphics 2020).

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