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Yoshitaka Amano's Cinderella (Japanese)

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Yoshitaka Amano's Cinderella (Japanese)

The long awaited voice of Amano fans! One of the most acclaimed Japanese illustrators, Yoshitaka Amano, has gained enthusiastic fans all over the world. His art collections have been sold well globally, yet his remarkable illustration work of the world-famous fairy tale, Cinderella, is relatively unknown. The publisher,, devoted the energy to introducing out-of-print titles and representing Amano's hidden masterpiece in a large-format distinctively. It is not just a picture book – it is redesigned rather as a collection book for Amano fans to appreciate the aesthetic world of Cinderella in his unique taste.
The literature part was revised and edited in bilingual version by Yuriko Kimura, a translator for children's literature, in order for not only children but adults to enjoy the story itself. A large number of favorable comments were received through social network sites. Why don't you take this extreme opportunity to explore the philosophy of beauty in Amano world!

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